Church History:

    New York Christian Testimony Church started as a family fellowship in Elmhurst, Queens in 1970. A group of Christians, coming from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, met together to worship God and witness the gospel of Jesus Christ in unity. As the number of people who attended the family fellowship grew, we rented the basement from the First Baptist Church in Elmhurst as our meeting place. As we continued to grow, the need for more space also grew. We started a church-seeking committee to look for a suitable location for our new church.

   By Godˇs grace and guidance, in 1983, we bought our present church building, a place that fulfilled the needs of our brothers and sisters. A few years later, we expanded the facility by adding a third floor for English-speaking brothers and sisters to meet. Our church has been called a spiritual home by many Christians who immigrated to the United States from various Asian countries. It fulfilled their spiritual need to worship and preach the good news of the gospel.