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Fellowship Meeting Times

Fellowship Meeting Times Contact
Sisters Thrid Sunday of the Month 1:30PM Sis. Gu
Every Mon. 7:30PM Bro. Li
Zion Every Sat. 7:30PM Bro. Gu
Grace Every Wed. 10:00AM Sis. Hsu
Morning Light Every Fri. 8:00PM Bro. Li
Eastern Every Fri. 7:30PM Bro. Huang
Love Thy Neighbor (Youth-Chinese Mandarin) Every Sat. 6:00PM Bro. Wong
Grace Light Every Fri. 7:00PM Bro. Su
Church Pray Every Sat. 9:30AM Elders
College & Career (English) Every Fri. 7:30PM Chris Kwok
High School Youth (English) Every Fri. 6:00PM Bro. Zee
Married Couples(English) TBD